We had a great meeting last Thursday where we covered a variety of topics. Here is the round up.

Nivo Slider

On overview of the DNN Nivo Slider module was presented. It allows for easy  implementation of banner rotations with several display and animation options. For $20 it is an easy way to add some sizzle to your site.


Search Boost

We took a look at a replacement for the core DNN search functionality. Search Boost from DNN Sharp offers many useful features, such as:

  • Templated results
  • Auto Complete
  • Index documents
  • Index external sites and RSS feeds
  • Control over search relevance
  • Fuzzy and exact match search
  • Index SQL tables


Module Development

A recommendation from Joel O on templates for module development. His choice is Christoc's templates on Codeplex


Oliver Hine toolbar

  • Alternative for the DNN 6 toolbar, from Oliver Hine, is still the must have toolbar for DNN 5.
  • Impersonate Users
  • Bookmark pages
  • Quick add menus for Pages/Modules