Oliver Hine has done it again! He has, as a gracious gift to the DNN community, released an updated version of his "must have" toolbar.


Here is a recap of it's features and fixes:

  • added user impersonation support with reverting back to your original account!
  • added page position management capabilities (after, before, child of)
  • added disable page checkbox into page management dialog
  • added site-template refresh bookmark support
  • added callback error display in a stylish growl notification
  • fixed exception if no admin page exists in the current portal
  • fixed skin/container control (reverting to page default works as intended)
  • fixed "__U" querystring bug when using Chrome
  • fixed bookmark menu rendering issues when creating the first bookmark
  • updated to jquery ui 1.8.7
  • updated DNN Reference to v5.4.0+